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Design packages

Our pricing for services is subject to potential changes, but once agreed upon for your project, it remains fixed unless additional items or revisions are requested. Please consult the following for cost estimates. The number of revisions for each service depends on the complexity and time required. For more details, please see the “REVISIONS & RESPONSE” section in this guide.

Here are some of the standard design services we provide, along with their respective prices and parameters.

PACkage 1


if you are after just the logo itself then this is the package for you. this includes the a logo with text. 



PACkage 2


Here's an entry-level option that won't break the bank! package one provides you and your brand with the essential building blocks for a powerful, unified, and eye-catching visual identity.


PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Logo, 1 Icon, and 1 Illustration.

PACkage 3


Taking it up a notch, Package 2 goes beyond its predecessor by offering a comprehensive and detailed foundation for a successful brand identity.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Logo, 5 small social Icons, and 1 Illustrations. + repeat pattern

PACkage 4


this is up to you and what you want from the project it could be a logo, icons for your buisness or socials or just an illustration. i am open to many projects of various sizes. lets talk

email -


Each service we offer comes with a specific number of revision rounds, tailored to the complexity and importance of the design in shaping your brand's identity. To ensure smooth progress, it's crucial that project briefs are clear and final upon initiation. Please note that any changes or shifts in visual direction during the project will result in a revision fee


LOGOS: 3 ROUNDS (Initial round + 2 Revisions)

SUB-LOGOS, ICONS, TYPEFACES & PACKAGING: 2 ROUNDS (Initial round + 1 Revision)

ILLUSTRATIONS: 1 ROUND (Initial pencil draft presented first)

These revision policies apply across all our service systems. We are open to additional revisions beyond the standard allocation, but please be aware that extra revisions will incur a fee equal to 50% of the original service cost.

To ensure timely progress, we kindly request feedback within one week of receiving drafts. If circumstances prevent timely feedback, please inform us, and we will gladly accommodate your schedule.


Please be aware of our "kill-fee" policy for projects that are terminated prematurely. This fee compensates for the time and effort invested in the project. Should you choose to cancel a project, 50% of the remaining project payment (depending on stage) will be refunded - Clients have 90 days to reinstate a project by paying the remaining balance; otherwise, project files may be released for sale.

we require payment upfront - payment before starting a project, as per our longstanding business practice. For projects exceeding $15,000, customised payment plans are available upon request.

Upon engaging in a project with us, you agree to the above terms and conditions.


over the years i have been lucky enough to have worked and collaborated with many clients, from small businesses to multi national corporations. i love bringing ideas to life, no idea is to big or to small.

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